Interpretation Workshop for Medical Practitioners

This Interpretation Workshop has been approved by NSW Coal Services as meeting the health monitoring requirements for coal mine workers Order No. 43.

NSW Order 43 (previously Order 41)  requires Medical Practitioners to attend training that provides an overview of the interpretation of spirometry.   To enhance this knowledge, it is essential to have a solid understanding of what quality spirometry looks like, and how to have confidence in the results that have been measured.  The practical skills required to perform technically acceptable results are also covered in this workshop.

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  1. Common hurdles in measuring spirometry
  2. Responsibilities of Medical Practitioners
  3. Identifying quality & meaningful spirometry results
  4. Interpretation
    • recognising a pattern of disease
    • assessing severity of disease
    • identifying bronchodilator response
  5. Longitudinal monitoring – what is a significant change?
  6. Referral pathways – when do you require further test results or referral?


This course is suitable for all Medical Practitioners who are required to interpret spirometry.


Course fee is $310 (+GST) per participant



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