Quality comments for EOPC

Operator comments play a crucial role on the spirometry report and we are now required to enter our own quality grading comments, rather than rely on the spirometer’s.

In an attempt to make your life easier, and also to encourage consistency across each medical facility, we have developed a series of quality spirometry comments that you can import directly into your Easy on PC (EOPC) spirometer.  **updated with 2019 quality comment grading requirements**

All you need to do is:

  1. Save this XML file to your computer: 2019 grading comments for eopc.xml
  2. Open your EOPC software
  3. Navigate to Utilities>Configuration>Test>Commenter> Import
  4. Select the attached xml file and click save.

When you are testing your subjects and press ‘click to enter comments’ (RHS of test screen), a pop up window appears and should now include this list comments. Click to select the relevant choice (you can easily edit or add more comments to this list) .     You will still be able to enter any additional free text comments whenever required.

I hope this helps

Good luck

Sarah 🙂