Easy on-PC – includes 50 spirettes FREE

$2,750.00 (+GST)

PROMOTION   **50 FREE spirettes inlcuded with each purchase of the Easy on-PC**

This Easy on-PC uses ultrasound technology and is designed for real-time Spirometry on a PC or laptop computer.  This device is well known for its reliability, stability, user friendly interface and robustness.  It is perfectly suited to Occupational Health Surveillance, General Practice, Specialist Practice and other clinic based solutions.




For a limited time, we are including a box of **50 free spirettes** with every purchase of this device.

The New Standard in PC-based Spirometry The standard measured parameters are able to be selected or deselected for testing and reporting. The Easy on-PC is compatible with MD (Medical Director) software. * Note that the Easy on-PC has no stand-alone capability. It must be used with a PC or laptop computer (not included).

  • ·  Real-Time PC guided spirometry
  • ·  Patient centred database
  • ·  Biological control check feature
  • ·  Tidal breathing selectable for FVC and FVL
  • ·  Inspiratory and expiratory real-time curve
  • ·  Trending of patient results over time
  • ·  Real-Time Child Incentives
  • ·  Actualised Fletcher curve on report
  • ·  Automatic Quality Control user selection for best trial from 8 pre and 8 post bronchodilator trials
  • ·  No Maintenance