IMPORTANT NOTE about bronchodilator responsiveness and the TSANZ 2022 Spirometry Standards

Did you know that most spirometers are not yet up to date with the new equation to calculate the % change for a bronchodilator response, as per the new 2022 TSANZ spirometry standards?    It is therefore prudent that a bronchodilator response is manually calculated  until your spirometer software is updated when you are performing …

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Quality comments for EOPC

Operator comments play a crucial role on the spirometry report and we are now required to enter our own quality grading comments, rather than rely on the spirometer’s. In an attempt to make your life easier, and also to encourage consistency across each medical facility, we have developed a series of quality spirometry comments that …

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**NEW**Interpretation of Spirometry Online Training Course

To celebrate the 11th birthday of the company, we are very excited to announce the launch of Australia’s first Interpretation of Spirometry Online Training Course.  Specifically developed to assist Medical Practitioners, but equally suitable for anyone interested in a comprehensive tool that provides step by step guidance in the interpretation of spirometry results.  All enrolments …

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Infection control recommendations for performing spirometry in the primary care setting 2022

Welcome to the National Asthma Council Infection Control Recommendations for Primary Care. These have been accepted by the TSANZ. While we continue to see large numbers of community transmission, the advice continues to recommend screening your patients first and aligning with local health departments for current PPE requirements. Spirometry-Infection-control-PC-update-August-2022

Have you seen our FREE poster?

We are always trying to make it easier to follow the ATS/ERS guidelines.  You can use this poster to efficiently assign a quality grade to your spirometry results.  You’re welcome 🙂 Spirometry Test Grading Matrix