October 25, 2016

Webinar Training

Spirometry Training Professionals are proud to introduce… Australia’s first Spirometry Training Webinar series!

Call us now to discuss customised webinars for your clinic and receive:acn-endorsed-course-logo-v

– individualised tuition on your PC-based spirometer via a virtual practical training session

– super convenience of training at your own facility

– blended online learning with virtual practical training

– run your large company training session with all your national sites in attendance – minus the travel costs

–  standardise the setup of your machine/s across all sites

–  align with international best practice guidelines

– troubleshoot patient results

– ongoing quality control feedback on results

The webinar covers the following 9 modules:

  1. Introduction to Spirometry
  2. Purpose of Spirometry
  3. How to perform the test according to International Guidelines
  4. Reversibility Testing (including how to administer ventolin)
  5. Selecting the Best Tests
  6. Reference Values
  7. Basic Respiratory Anatomy
  8. Interpretation of results
  9. Quality Assurance/Infection Control