October 25, 2016

Spirometry Training

Face to Face Training

This is the gold standard in spirometry training, includes comprehensive theory & practical course with an overview of interpretation.


For health professionals who don’t perform the test but require a solid understanding in how to identify quality tests and interpret the results. Alternatively, add this module to your online certificate to gain more understanding in how to interpret the results.

Quality Assurance

Gain an understanding of how to implement effective quality assurance programs to ensure your spirometry results stand up under scrutiny.

Refresher Training

Follow up your training course with refresher training within 12 months of the initial spirometry training, then every 3 years thereafter.


Online spirometry training provides a solid theoretical foundation in how to perform spirometry according to the international best practice guidelines.

Group Workshops

Attend a group workshop in your local region to complement the online training course.


Customised webinars for your clinic allows tuition on your PC-based spirometer via a virtual practical training session. Reduce costs and have the convenience of training at your own facility/ include all your national sites in / standardise the setup of your machine/s


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