Pink Barrier Filters (includes nose clips) – 100s

$279.00 (+GST)

Pink barrier filters for use with nSpire, MedGraphics (internal fit), MicroMedical, MIR SpiroBank, MIR MiniSpir, MIR Spiro Lab, MIR SpiroDoc Fukuda and Peak flow meters.  Box of 100 includes 100 nose clips.




99.99% Bacterial/Viral efficiency at a flow rate of 720L per min. The SureGard removes all pollutants down to 0.027 micron. The SureGard is the only filter in Australia and New Zealand to use a 200gram Tech Electrostatic HyperGard® filter media. The filter has an Inline dead space of 50mls. Various colours, make for easy recognition for multiple machine laboratories. All filters (except RJVKB3 & RJVKB6) have a patented elliptical mouthpiece which increases patient compliance.

External Diameter

28.5mm (Machine end)

Internal Diameter

25mm (Machine end)


100 per box (includes nose clips)


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